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Posted on: January 8, 2010 11:30 pm

NFL Playoffs

     Tell me if i'm wrong but the way I see it there are only 2 teams in the AFC who can represent in the Super Bowl. The Colts and the Chargers are far and above the class of that division. However, in the NFC I think anyone can win it. Being an Arizona Cardinals fan I hope they make it and on top of that I'm of the belief that the NFC champ will come from their game with the Packers. However, I could see any of the 6 NFC teams representing in the Super Bowl.
      The Saints o-line has become a real weakness as has the Vikings. The Eagles look very suspect considering the Cowboys have handled them easily in their 2 meetings, and the Cowboys and Tony Romo still have to prove they can get it done win it matters.
      This is why I believe it comes down to the Cards and Packers . The Packers seem to have taken care of their O-line problems from early in the year and the Cards offense is potent and their defense rose to the occasion last year in the playoffs so why not this year.

      So when all is said and done I beleive with the Chargers dominance of the Colts and my opinion of the NFC we are looking at a Super Bowl that pits the Chargers against either the Cardinals or the Packers. What do you think?

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       Just another thought from a west coast sports fan!
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